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Criminal Law

Hunter Law Firm, P.C. offers representation for Felony or Misdemeanor cases as well as DUI and Traffic Cases in the State of Illinois.


Having been accused of committing a crime or traffic offense can be both frightening and confusing.  Depending on the charge, with a tremendous difference between speeding and the major Felony crimes, the consequences can potentially include but are not limited to: community service, court supervision, probation, fines, loss of driving privileges, increased automobile insurance costs, loss of right to own firearms, loss of hunting privileges, sentence to the local jail or even a sentence to prison.  Some of the greatest effect may also be the loss of employment, loss of a professional license, damage to your reputation, damaged social and family relationships, etc.  No one wants to lose time with those people that they love or lose a career or job they have worked hard to obtain and advance in, let alone lose one’s freedom, or pay unnecessary fines and court expenses.


Due to the potential serious effects on your life and upon the lives of those around you from a given charge, you need to be aware of the potential consequences and outcomes.  We work to ensure that our clients legal rights have been properly respected.  We work with our clients to help them get the most favorable outcome for their case that we can and to work with the client to consider the risks associated with taking a negotiated plea vs the risks of taking a criminal, traffic or DUI case to trial.



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