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Monday, December 11, 2017  6:00 P.M at Hunter Law Firm

556 +/- Acres, 508.5 FSA Tillable Offered in 8 Tracts

Sellers: Leona Bowen Trust, Leon H. Duis, Juline C. Fox, Jerome H. Duis

Sellers: Leona Bowen Trust, Leon H. Duis, Juline C. Fox, Jerome H. Duis


Location of Land: Land located on East side of Salem, IL close to US 50 in Stevenson & Iuka Twp, Marion County, IL  

Location of Sale: Hunter Law Firm, P.C., meeting room, seating capacity ~110, 104 West Main St., Salem, IL 62881

Selling Attorney's Note: This property will be offered as described below.  All annoucements made day of sale take precedence over any and all prior statements and advertising.  Sale Conducted by, Jared J. Hunter, Hunter Law Firm, P.C., 104 West Main Street, Salem, IL 62881 (618) 548-9949 ARDC#6288266, attorney for the sellers and Leona Bowen Trust, Leona Bowen, deceased. 

Land Description: Chance to own a large group of parcels, that are mostly tillable of high quality Marion County, IL Farmland.  275.03 Acres are contiguous in one group.  Six separate tracts offered in one combination of 446.3 acres +/- with 404.07 +/- FSA Tillable acres as the seventh tract, makes for a nice unit to add to any farm as well as an additional 109.7 acre parcel with 104.43 tillable that is closer to Salem that is being sold separately and not in any combination.

Minerals: Saving and reserving unto grantors, their successors and assigns an undivided one-half interest in all owned coal, oil, gas and other minerals and the rights to mine, drill or remove the same for a period of 30 years and for so long thereafter as production may continue, if any.  Sellers, Hunter Law Firm, P.C. and title company do not warrant ownership of any minerals in any tract.  An undivided one-half interest of any owned coal, oil, gas or other minerals, if any will transfer if owned in whatever percentage of ownership there is, if any to purchasers.

Terms: A minimum deposit of 10% of the purchase price in the form of certified check, bank draft, or personal check shall be made by the successful Bidder(s) on the day of sale for each parcel, or the combination of them.  At such time, the successful Bidder(s) shall enter into purchase contract.  On or before January 19th, 2018, the Buyer(s) shall pay the balance of the purchase price in full.  A copy of the purchase contract will be available for inspection at the closing table on the day of the sale or by contacting Jared J. Hunter, Attorney for the Sellers.  

Possession: Buyer(s) to receive full possession March 1st, 2018 for the 2018 crop year or before upon permission of prior tenant who has been notified by sellers of termination of farming rights. The current tenants are interested in renting this property in 2018 should the buyer(s) need someone to operate it. 

Taxes: Seller(s) to pay all 2017 taxes due in 2018 in the form of a credit at closing based upon 100% of the most recent tax bill.

NOTE: All announcements given on the day of sale shall take precedence over any and/or all previous advertising or descriptions.  The method, order of sale and bidding increments shall be at the sole discretion of Jared J. Hunter of Hunter Law Firm, P.C.  Sellers reserve the right to reject all bids on any individual parcel(s) or for the entire sale.  Property being sold with a reasonable reserve.  This farm is intended to sell.

Deed: Seller(s) will provide an Owner's Policy of Title Insurance in the amount of the purchase price and deeds to vest clear title at closing.

Bidding: Bidding on these parcels will be on a per acre basis based upon assessor's records and the final sales price will be based upon the bid price times the total number of acres, not the tillable amount.  Note Tract 1 FSA acres exceeds assessed acres but will be sold by assessed acres.

Parcel 6 Note: Parcel 6 is having 2 exceptions from the current configuration. An additional 3.45 Acres more or less is being retained around the home and existing 1.55 acres making for a 467' by 467' total exception on the parcel being 5.0 acres +/- and a 160' by 130' Parcel is being retained in the Northeast corner of said parcel that has been leased for a cell phone tower to be constructed in 2018 most likely.  Acres have been recalculated on the maps to reflect the additional exceptions.

Bidders: Bidder(s) should rely upon their own inspections and not upon any description or nomenclature of the Sellers.  Seller(s) assume no liability for errors or omissions in this or any other property listing, advertising, promotion or publicity statements and material.  Although information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, the aforementioned Seller(s) make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information herein contained or in any other property listing or advertising.  


Tract 1: 91.27 Acres +/- 96.59 FSA Tillable, Corner of Duis Rd & US 50, S7, Iuka Township

Tract 2: 80.0 Acres +/- 54.3 FSA Tillable, E. of Duis Road, S19, Iuka Township ~1.5 Mile South of US 50

Tract 3: 75.43 Acres +/- 67.92 FSA Tillable, W. of Duis Road, S13, Stevenson Township ~ .5 Mile S. of US 50

Tract 4: 72.9 Acres +/- 64.70 FSA Tillable, W. of Duis Road, S13, Stevenson Township ~ .75 Mile S. of US 50

Easement on Tract 4 Along the North Border to the East to Duis Road to provide access

Tract 5: 78.2 Acres +/- 75.52 FSA Till, S13, Stevenson Township, Wilkens Road ~1 Mile S. of US 50 .25 W. of Duis Rd

Tract 6: 48.5 Acres +/- 45.04 +/- FSA Tillable, S 13, Stevenson Township, Wilkens Road ~ 1.25 Mile S. of US 50

Tract 7: Combination of Tracts 1-6, 446.3 Acres +/-, 404.07 +/- FSA Tillable within 2 Mile Drive end to end.

Tract 8: 109.7 Acres +/- 104.43 FSA Tillable, S6 & S7, Stevenson Township, County Farm Road, .5 Mile N. of US 50 (Note this tract will sell last and will not be offered in combination with tracts 1-6)






Tract 1 96.59 Acres +/- FSA Tillable, 91.27 +/- Assessor Total

Tract 2 80 Acres +/- 54.3 FSA Tillable

Tract 3 75.43 Acres +/- 67.92 FSA Tillable

Tract 4 72.9 Acres +/- 64.70 FSA Tillable (Easement along North Border going to Duis Road)

Tract 5 78.2 Acres +/- 75.52 FSA Tillable

Tract 6 48.5 +/- Acres  45.04 +/-FSA Tillable

Tract 7 446.3 +/- 404.07 +/- FSA Tillable Ac Combination 1-6           

Tract 8 109.7 +/- Acres 104.43 FSA Tillable           

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